Top 10 Cheap Size 5 Soccer Training Balls

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The size 5 soccer ball is the internationally recognized match ball size for youth and adult soccer. The FIFA regulated size 5 ball weighs between 14-16 ounces and should have a circumference of between 27-28 inches (70-68cm).

When choosing a size 5 soccer training ball for practice, always look for ball products with high numbers of positive customer feedback reviews . Also look out for manufacturing features such as:

  • The type of material used in the ball bladder. Latex bladders retain  air for less time than bladders made from butyl. However latex bladders tend to have a better “feel” than balls with butyl bladders. For training purposes which will get heavy use over a short period of time, go for soccer balls with a butyl bladder.
  • Most modern training balls will be made with a Thermo Poly Urethane (TPU) cover. This is a soft synthetic leather material used to make the outer covers on soccer balls.
  • Cost is always an important factor. Where possible always try to spend a bit more on a FIFA approved and tested “match ball”.

Best Size 5 Soccer Training Ball

ImageProduct Link
Size 5 adidas Performance F50 X-ite II Soccer Ball, Power Blue/Warning Orange/Black
Size 5 adidas Performance Brazuca Top Replique Soccer Ball, White/Night Blue/Multicolor
Size 5 adidas Performance Conext15 Top Glider Soccer Ball
Size 5 Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball
Size 5 Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball
Size 5 Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball
Size 5 Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ball
Size 5 Brine Phantom Soccer Ball
Size 5 Nike Premier Team NFHS Soccer Ball
Size 5 NIKE Pitch EPL Ball Blue

How to Look After A Soccer Ball

Size 5 Soccer BallWhatever ball you decide to purchase try to prolong the life of the ball by taking care of it. Don’t let your players stand on the ball or try to change the shape. Don’t leave them outside between practice sessions as prolonged exposure to sun or rain will damage the surface of the ball and dramatically reduce its life. Always try to keep balls clean after play by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Remove excessive dirt from the ball after use.  Use a damp cloth to wipe the ball clean

You should also try to keep the ball at the correct pressure. Do not over or under pressurize a soccer ball. Use the manufactures recommended air pressure that is printed on most balls. Most soccer balls have a pressure rating of 6 to 8 lbs. or 0.6 or 0.8 BAR. It is recommended that you use a pressure gauge to measure the exact amount of pressure in a ball after inflating and before use. It can also be a good idea to deflate the soccer training ball after use to reduce the pressure on the seams and stitching. Reflate the ball to the appropriate pressure before using it for a game or training.

For more information soccer ball standards visit the FIFA football site



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