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The Glob Soccer tagging game is a fun game for young players who are under 8.

The Glob Soccer Tagging Game
The Glob Soccer Tagging Game

Drill Setup:

  • Setup a box of 25 x 25 yds
  • Have lots of footballs located around the square for easy access

Drill Sequence:

  • Two players in the box have balls at their feet. These two players are the “Globs”. The aim of the Glob is to try to hit the other players below the knee with the ball as they run past them to the other side of the box.
  • Players outwith the box have no footballs. Their aim is to reach the opposite end of the square without being tagged (hit with the ball below the knees).
  • If a player is tagged with the ball, they drop out and practice a skill outwith the box whilst the drill progresses.
  • The drill ends when all players have been tagged by the Globs.

Coaching Points:

  • This drill will teach very young players to be agile, have balance and vision. It will also teach the globs to have control of the ball and to assess when to pass the ball to achieve a tag.


  • This simple fun drill can be performed with or with out a ball. Players can be tagged by hitting them below the knees or by just tagging them.
  • Rotate players to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be a Glob.




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