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Jimmy Gilligan, Head Coach at the Nike Football Academy walks you through the 4 way finishing drill.

Setup : 4 players with plenty of footballs on each corner of the 18 yard box plus one striker in a 5 x 5 yard coned box marked around the penalty spot.

Sequence : Players on the corners of the box pass to the striker who then has to finish using only or two touches at most. After a number of cycles of passing from the corners, rotate the striker with one of the outlying passing players. Rotate until all players have had the opportunity to play as the central striker.

Coaching Points : Teach players to go for accuracy before power. Players should always look for a one touch finish if possible. Players should use both feet when controlling and finishing.

Progression : Start the drill with no obstacles in the 5 x 5 yard striker box. Introduce a mannequin or a passive defender to make the drill a bit more difficult.

Source : Four Four Two Performance

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