Learn to Juggle a Soccer Ball – A Beginners Guide

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Juggle a Soccer Ball – A Beginners Guide

Learn how to juggle a soccer ball with ex-international soccer player Yael Averbuch.

Start with the ball in hand and focus on your kicking technique. This means kicking the ball with the lace area of your boot. Lock your ankle and bend your knee when you kick the ball. Focus on your balance as you try yo kick the ball.

Drop the ball and try to just kick the ball back up in the air so that you can simply catch it again. This basic movement will seem difficult at first but persevere and you will quickly improve. Once you are comfortable with one kick to hand, progress to two kicks before catching the ball.

If you are practicing yourself or are coaching someone to do this, remember to alternate your kicking foot. One left kick, one right kick and so on. Learning to juggle a soccer ball with both feet will improve your future ability to be two-footed – an enormous advantage as a soccer player.

Once you have mastered this basic juggling technique, your soccer technique will progress quickly.


Video Source : Yael Averbuch


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