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Practice How to Kick a Long Pass

Here are the key points to practice when trying to do a long driven pass in football.

  1. Picture an image of where you want the ball to go in your minds eye  – practice the imagery and it will become second nature.
  2. Don’t approach the ball straight on. Approach from an angle.
  3. Keep upright but also lean back ever so slightly.
  4. Plant your non-kicking foot just slightly opposite and behind the ball and keep well balanced as you follow through
  5. Strike the ball with the laces of your boot.
  6. Hit the bottom half of the football as this will ensure height to the pass when you follow through.
  7. Ensure you keep a strong ankle when you strike the ball
  8. Don’t quit on the strike – follow through in a relaxed fashion
  9. Follow through and across the ball
  10. Keep your shoulders and head steady as you kick through
  11. Don’t try to kick the ball to hard.
  12. Relax and breath as you kick
  13. Practice with a friend – start 20 yards apart and increase the space as you get more confident and accurate
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