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How to Defend with a Compact Back Four
How to Defend with a Compact Back Four

Learning how to funnel attackers into wide positions and away from goal is an essential technique to develop in any back four defensive unit.

Objective : This football drill is focused on how to defend with a compact back four

Setup: 3 attackers v 4 defenders + 1 goalkeeper. Practice this drill on a standard 11 aside pitch so that defenders get used to the space they would normally have to defend.

Sequence : Three attackers start with the ball and try to score against the 4 defenders and goalkeeper.

Possible Variations: Add two more attackers to allow overloading on the wings and test how the defensive back four defend the cross.

Coaching Points : Players need to be aware that they are operating as a back four unit and not as individuals. They need to communicate well.

Defenders should focus on their body shape and where this will direct the attacker.

Defenders need to put pressure on the attacker without losing the shape of the back four whilst also ensuring that the stop shots coming in.

Source : Nike Football Academy



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