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Good 1 v 1 Defending Soccer Drill for Young Players
Good 1 v 1 Defending Soccer Drill for Young Players

A simple to setup fun and competitive 1 v 1 defending drill. The video contains very good coaching points if you are looking to teach defensive principles to young players.

Objective : To successfully stop the attacker from beating the defender and dribbling to the end of the line.

Setup: Use 6 cones to mark out a 10yd by 30yd rectangualr box. Amend the length to suit the age and development stage of your players.

Sequence : The defender starts at the far end on the box and passes the ball to the attacker situated at the far end of the box. The attacker then tries to beat the defender and reach the far end of the box.

Coaching Points : Once the defender plays the ball he/she should look get to the attacker quickly. This closes down the space for the attacker and stops them gaining any momentum.

Defenders should curve their run to force their opponent onto their weaker side. A tip is to watch what foot the opponent controls the ball with. Usually this is the attackers preferred stronger side.

The defender should take large strides to cover the ground as quickly as possible. As they get closer to the opponent take smaller steps and remain balanced.

Once the defender reaches the attacker, they should adopt a balanced, slightly crouched, side on body position and again seek to channel the opponent using their body position to the attackers weaker side.

Source : SkillzandDrillz

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