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Futsal Player Development

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The game of Futsal or Futebol de Salao to give it its proper name (football of the halls) is a great game to play, particularly for young players at the early stages of development where touch, technique and skill development should be learned. With a tight hard pitch and small ball that doesn’t bounce, futsal is a great learning tool for young players. In this article by the Botafogo Star, Paul Gretch explores why the game is a fundamental part of South American soccer and the type of players it can produce.

There’s a video on YouTube which shows Liverpool and Brazil midfielder Philipe Coutinho getting hold of the ball, slaloming past three defenders and then slamming it past the goalkeeper.  It is a wonderful expression of skill and technical mastery; the fluidity of execution breathtaking.

In this video, shown below, Coutinho isn’t in a Liverpool shirt.  Nor is he playing for any of his previous European clubs; Inter and Espanyol.

Indeed, he isn’t even on a football pitch.  For the one in the video is a very young Coutinho – probably in his early teens – and the game he’s playing isn’t football but rather an indoor equivalent of it; futsal.

Yet the mastery of the ball, the movement and the ability to effortlessly shift direction make him hard not to recognise for anyone who has seen him play over the past couple of years.

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