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Kids Soccer Drill -Attacking Support Play

Objective : Teach young players to support the attack in numbers and to work as a group to a) not lose the ball b) score a goal.

Setup : 30 X 20 yard area split into half with cones. 5 yellow attackers vs. 3 blue defenders in one half. 1 yellow attacker vs. 1 blue defender  and a Goalkeeper in other half.

Sequence : The practice starts with the coach playing ball into attackers. Yellow attackers must make a minimum of three passes before playing into the attacking half. They can do this either by passing into their forward player or running the ball in themselves.

Once in the attacking half as many attackers can join in to try and score a goal. No defenders can enter this half to begin with. If blues win the ball in either half they attempt to play out and score in either target goal.

The practice then repeats with the coach playing a ball in to the attackers. Each team attacks for 3 minutes, team with the most goals wins.


1) Attackers can play forward without having to make 3 passes

2) Defenders can now track runners

3) Attackers get 2 goals for a 1 touch finish

4) Free Play with throw ins, goal kicks etc. (3 mins non stop)

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