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This is a simple to setup warm up drill for young players which will incorporate basic introductory technical concepts.

Objective : This football drill is focused on warming up young players at the beginning of a coaching session whilst also incorporating simple technical ball exercises.

Setup: Coaches can use the center circle of the pitch or use cones to mark out the basic area requirements shown  belowAdapt the size of the area to the age of your players. Younger players should work in a smaller space and be more focused on technique than endurance.

An Easy Technical Warm Up Drill for Young Children
An Easy Technical Warm Up Drill for Young Children

Sequence : 

The players start on the outside of the circle with the ball in hand. Upon the coaches instruction the player move towards the center spot trying to kick the ball up in the air with alternate thighs with one touch  before catching it again with his hands. Once the player reaches the center spot, he should throw the ball back to his partner on the outer circle. The sequence should then repeat with the next player following the same actions.

Repeat the repetition 3 to 4 times for each player.

Possible Variations: 

Progress to kicking the ball with alternate feet as they move into the center spot.

Volley the ball back to the partner using the front part of the foot from the center spot rather than throwing it. Ensure the partner can catch the ball easily.

Raise the level of difficulty by getting players to juggle the ball with their feet two or three times as they move towards the center circle.

Coaching Points : 

Progress with variations depending upon the skill level of the player you are working with.

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