About CoachTopix

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Welcome to CoachTopix.com, a soccer coaching website and email newsletter which provides a showcase of the best coaching articles, videos and insights from across the web.

My name is Alan MacNab and I am passionate about the development of soccer (football) coaches and players. Having played football for over 40 years (yes – still playing) and worked at a national governing football organisation for the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to witness the enjoyment that great coaches can bring to fans, officials, parents and players.

From the outside looking in, soccer coaches train players and pick a team to play at game at the weekend – a game that the team will hopefully win. The bigger picture however reveals a much wider set of skills and set of roles and responsibilities. For example a good coach also needs to have the following :

A knowledge of how to develop players over the short, medium and long-term
The capability to plan and then regularly deliver months and months of training drills to players
An awareness of different tactics and formations
An ability to communicate well and inspire, particularly in defeat
An ability to create a strong team dynamic as well as bring out the best in individuals
An awareness of how to deal with difficult noisy touchline parents
An aptitude for making the game and training fun so that players will play for years to come
A knowledge of how to nurture particularly talented individuals
An aptitude for game intelligence and being able to change
An awareness of sports science and the physical preparation of players
Good at logistics and ensuring players/parents get to where they need to get to
A thirst for game insight, knowledge and self improvement

This site is dedicated to supporting coaches to achieve all of the above and more….

So here is my small contribution to sourcing the best that is out there. Hopefully you will find it useful.

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