A Fun and Competitive 1 v 1 Heading Game

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A fun and competitive 1 v 1 heading game which can teach striker movement and defensive techniques. Adaptable for youth players and up.

Objective : This football drill is focused on improving a players heading technique, striker movement to beat a defender and football specific endurance.

Setup: This is an easy to setup drill for at least 6 or more playersAdapt the size of the area to the age of your players and the amount of endurance work you want your players to undertake. Younger players should work in a smaller space and be more focused on technique than endurance.

1 v 1 Heading Game

Ensure the feeders have enough footballs to keep the game going for a couple of cycles.

Description : 

The ball feeders on the posts throw the ball to the designated attacking player who has to score into the empty net. The attacking player has to communicate with the ball thrower to receive the ball at the appropriate time to score a goal. The designated defender should attempt to stop the attacker from scoring.  The striker should seek to receive the ball in any order and try to move in such a way as to get away from the defender. Rotate the working players with those who are feeding the balls in from the posts.

Coaching Points : 

Make the exercise competitive between the attacker and the defender and count the goals scored and defended against.

Teach the attacking player how to make the right striker movement to get a header in on goal.

Attacking player needs to communicate with the ball feeders.

The defender needs to be aware of space and striker movement.

Possible Variations: 

Introduce a goalkeeper (but ensure they stay on the goal-line)

Increase the working time of the attacker and defender to increase the soccer specific endurance.

Source : Pro-SoccerDrills.com

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